Dishwasher Maintenance: Things To Follow

Dishwasher Maintenance

Listen up, if you want your dishwasher to perform spotlessly well for you throughout the year, you need to maintain it well. The majority of the maintenance is cleaning and it can be done by you. Thus, do not complain that your dishwasher is not working if you are not cleaning it. 

Get your dishwasher clean and see how it performs!

Wash Your Dishwasher 

If you think that your dishwasher would work fine without any cleaning and washing, you are wrong. To ensure the dishwasher does not contain any kind of buildup from daily washing, you should wash your dishwasher too. It is all proportional to the number of times you are using your dishwasher. 

The reality of washing your dishwasher is it can clean all the food debris or the deposits that get stuck to the appliance while washing the dishes. This buildup can actually keep your dishwasher from running smoothly. Thus, if you want to have clean and spotless dishes, make sure that you clean your dishwasher. 

You do not want a dirty dishwasher washing the dishes dirtily. The only solution for this is to wash your dishwasher regularly and keep away from the food buildup. If you do regular cleaning, your work of washing the dishwasher yearly will become easy. 

Allow the dishwasher to perform full cycles

You need to make sure that the dishwasher is able to complete its full cycle and then, you need to make sure that you empty the dishwasher. Do not forget this for having a better performance from the appliance. 

If you perform the necessary maintenance, you do not need to go for any appliance repair services frequently. You can just call them once or twice in a year for maintenance, troubleshooting, and inspection. 

Spinning Arms Care

You need to take care of the spinning arms to make sure that they are clean and working. So, while cleaning the dishes, the dishwashers spray the water on the dishes from the spinning arms. If this is not working, then you need to make sure that they are maintained properly. 

To ensure this, regular cleaning of the spinning arms would also help. You can remove the debris or dirt with a small piece of thin wire or maybe a toothpick could help too. Keep in mind that if you do not have these cleaned regularly, they would not wash your dishes properly. 

Exterior cleaning

If you are thinking that dishwasher maintenance is all about cleaning, you are right. You need to keep the dishwasher clean so that they can give you clean washed dishes. Since you put in a mix of dishes in the washer, the mix of smells can defeat the purpose of using the appliance. 

Thus, cleaning the exterior is as important as any other parts. The edges of the door should be cleaned of any dirt and if there are any spills, then make sure that they are cleaned too. 

How should you do it? Just the normal household cleaning liquid and a cloth could work fine. You can clean the buttons and the exterior part of the appliance. You should also change the other part of the dishwasher like the under the door, the flatware basket, the gasket, and the dishwashing liquid detergent dispenser. 

Drain Maintenance

You need to unclog the drain as much as you can because this is the area where the food buildup and the residue end. So to make sure that this doesn’t clog the drain, keep clearing the food debris near the drain. 

If not, it is going to become less efficient and things get worse, you would have a hard time to clean. Wear gloves and start cleaning the bigger pieces of the debris by hand and then you can get to the small pieces

How to Regularly Clean Your Dishwasher?

Always remember that you need to unplug your dishwasher while you are cleaning. 

Remove the cover by taking out the screws and then make sure that the debris is not falling on the opening. Then, you can clean out smaller deposits with the regular cleaning cloth. After that, disassemble the drain to clear the smaller pieces of debris. Then, reassemble just like you removed it. The dirty water should leave the appliance frequently so that the dishes are cleaned well. 

If you are not able to remove the food buildup, then use an acid that can get rid of them. You can choose the home’s favorite white vinegar, tang, or maybe lemon juice. You can get acid dishwasher cleaners too, so many of them are available in the market, or you can make one for yourself. 


Make sure that you keep your dishwasher clean by following the above steps. You have to steer clear of any mold or mildew too. If you are having a stainless steel door, then you can go for anything other than the bleach. For yearly maintenance, you can call for appliance repair services.