What You Didn’t Know About The Indian Craft Beer Market!

Indian Craft Beer Market!

Beer is not just a drink; instead, it is an essence associated with the feeling of people who enjoy drinking it. Being the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world, beer is regularly consumed by a large number of people. This beverage is produced by extracting flavored hops and malted cereal grains and brewed by slow fermentation to make it flavourful and tasty. According to statistics, the Indian beer industry produced 5,533.73 Mn liters in 2020 and is predicted to reach 9,004.74 Mn liters by 2025, with a surging CAGR of 10.98% between 2021 and 2025. 

With a growing beverage industry, many countries, including India, have witnessed rapid urbanization and improved financial conditions. As the population is gradually inclining towards premium, sophisticated, and moderated beverages, the beer industry will flourish at a flabbergasting rate. Undoubtedly, this industry has also opened doors for retail investors to invest in unlisted shares of brewery companies like B9 Beverages Pvt Ltd (Bira91). 

An Overview Of The Indian Craft Beer Market

Craft beer is becoming very popular among urban Indians and has witnessed an increase in sales. As the Indian beer industry continues flourishing, it has become the most extensive beer market worldwide. It is also because most people prefer low or no-alcohol variants over strong beer due to their health concerns. As per the study conducted in 2018, most Indian consumers like experimenting with new alcoholic beverages and are willing to pay more for better and premium quality beer. The market is predicted to grow annually by 8.17% (2023-2027). In India, beer is the second preferable choice among people after whisky. It is said that the Indian beer industry has a global market share of 2-3%, and its sales are expected to see a hype of 20% in the coming years.

Prominent Companies Contributing To India’s Fast-Growing Beer Culture

It is not hidden that the Indian beer market is the biggest in the world, and many leading beverage companies like Bira91 have contributed to the industry’s growth. Let’s talk about the significant beer companies below: 

B9 Beverages 

Launched in 2015 in the Indian market, Bira91 grew at a CAGR of around 406%, with a market size of about 0.9 Mn ltr in 2016. Further, the company’s total revenue increased to Rs. 714 crores in FY22 from Rs. 429 crores in FY21. Being the fastest-growing beer brand in the world, Bira91 has built a robust portfolio of essential beers and plans to grow even higher. This fantastic performance of the company has also made a considerable place in the grey market and made Bira91 unlisted shares available for retail investors. 


Launched in 1984, Knockout by SABMiller is the largest brewer in India. This beer is quite famous in states like Maharashtra and Telangana. Knockout has a robust aroma and gives a kick when you drink it. This brand has also played a vital role in contributing to the beer industry in India. 


Another renowned name in the market, Kingfisher, was established in the 1970s and is the top beer brand among Indians. Like any other beer brand, Kingfisher also brings out the tastes and preferences of the users. The company operated a revenue of 12.343 billion from the fiscal year ending from January 2019 to 2023.

High Investment Opportunity For Retail Investors – Bira91 Unlisted Shares

Of all the listed brewery companies, Bira91 is one of the most renowned and preferred companies for alcoholic beverages. The company has been spending exponentially, and its fixed assets have grown by 65% CAGR in the last three years. Moreover, the company has also earned $180 Mn in the previous 15 funding rounds and is supported by lead investors. As per the regulatory filings, the company has decided to go public and will submit its draft red herring prospectus (DRHP) to the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI). This prospectus will explain everything about the company and its financial condition. However, the IPO details of the company have yet to be released, but they soon will be.

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