What Qualifications You Need to Find A Job In UK

Find A Job In UK

In the UK, many jobs and careers require you to have certain qualifications. This is usually due to the jobs requiring expert skills in the chosen area or academic knowledge. Furthermore, there is a huge level of competition in the job market in the UK. Having set standards for job application means that the most appropriate individuals can be chosen for the job. Therefore, qualifications can give you an edge over the other competitors. 


Many students in the UK study for bachelor degrees. These are 3 years long and provide you with a level 6 qualification. This can lead you to a job or training position straight out of university. Others go on to study a masters which is a level 7 qualification. 

Those that study law for example, will progress to study either an LPC for becoming a solicitor or a BPC for becoming a barrister. 

It is thought that level 6 or level 7 qualifications can set you up for a high position job easily without years of career progression. 


Some students take HND qualifications known as Higher National Diplomas. These are often equivalent to the first 2 years of university. They are also available to study online. Many people find jobs from studying HNDs alone. 

An example of some HND business jobs is recruitment, marketing, business development, and consultancy. These are the typical job routes after a business management HND, and a bachelor’s degree is not required. 

These courses allow you to work at your own pace and still progress into some fantastic career routes. They do not require you to commit to the full-time nature of university and can be done on weekends meaning they are useful for those who need flexibility within their learning. 

Vocational Courses and Training Jobs

Other courses that can provide great qualifications include NVQs, advanced and professional diplomas, and more. These are often used for courses like construction, for example, an NVQ in Site Management. 

The other way to find a job in the UK is by undertaking a training programme. These allow you to learn whilst you work and there are often places on things such as construction training jobs. Getting into an industry like construction is a great way to obtain a lifelong career and not have to complete a bachelor’s degree. You can earn high pay whilst you train and do something active and outdoors. 


Of course, it’s not all about the experience, you can get jobs from HNDs like HND business jobs. You can also get construction training jobs or obtain a bachelor’s. However, experience is always desirable for employers in the UK. It may be the case that one applicant has a level 7 qualification but has little real-life experience or industry experience. Therefore, someone who has less of a qualification, but a wealth of industry knowledge is much more likely to be suitable for the job role. 

It is important to keep this fact in mind and still apply for jobs even if you think you do not hold a high enough qualification.