The Increasing Popularity of Tennis Betting: What Should Beginners Know?

Tennis Betting

There is a distinct trend of sports betting in the present time. You can find people going crazy about different sports. What makes tennis among all sports so exciting is that with just two players involved, there are a greater number of chances simply left to chance, primarily in case one player is just having an off day and does not really perform like usual.

In the present time, tennis is among the most popular sports to play and to even bet on. You can get online Tennis id and ensure that you bet well. Indeed, your betting can get you an amazing time and money too that too without any hassles or discomfort.

Basics of a tennis game for beginners 

Assuming that you know the basics of tennis as a sport, for example, it is a simple game that is played with a racket, ball, across a net, encompassing two or four players. Relying on whether you play single or even double. It is all about basic as it gets when talking about the game itself. But you know what, in order to understand betting on tennis as well as to eventually get into it as well, you would require to know a couple of more things.


During the overall game, the same player simply serves. The game gets won by the first player who simply scored four points as a whole and two more points than their overall opponent.


The set includes several games. The tennis player who serves alternates between games. In most of the cases the winner is the one who simply won at least six games and two more than that of the opponent. However, in case one players won six games and the other five, a final game gets played. In case this game ends with both players at six points, a supposed tie-break gets played and this means the winner just requires one win ahead of their opponent. It would be ending in a seven-six score for the set. In tennis, it is not at all possible to end the game, set or match in a proper tie.


Now, a tennis match includes several sets, where the winner is decided through a best-of-three (women) or even best-of-five (men) type of system. Again, the winner is the person who wins with a lead of even two games. Interestingly, in some sort of tournaments, tie-breakers are not simply an option in a match. It simply means the winner always has to win by overall two sets. Since this is the rule, there have been a couple of long matches in the past. In such instances , though, the number of games keeps on going till one of the players has won by simply two games in the final set.  

Grand Slam 

The Grand Slam tournaments are the ones that include the Australian Open, Wimbledon, French Open, and US Open which are played starting in January and even ending in September.

The working of Tennis Odds  

Since there is a case with sports betting, in tennis the overall odds also represent the probability of a certain outcome. Odds get displayed as Fractional (UK, or Ireland), Decimal (Europe, or Southern Hemisphere) or Money line (North America). This post would glue to the Decimal in the examples here.

In case a player is listed with odds of one point seventy-five, you receive an idea of the odds a bookmaker believes that player to have at winning the match.  In simple words, the bookmaker simply calculates a percentage of fifty-seven point fourteen percent of that player winning. To figure out simply how much you might win, in case you were to place a €ten bet on that player having these odds, you require to simply calculate as per to this formula: (stake * odds) stake. 

It is going to be much easy and you can follow such a formula at all times. Of course, the lower the overall odds, the more probable a bookmaker considers the player to win as well as the smaller would be your overall win. Higher odds suggest bigger wins, but also a dropped likelihood of the player winning. Appreciatively, odds are just implying the likelihood of a certain outcome, but anything is possible. And this post would get you an idea about what you require to consider when placing bets on tennis:

The bets type 

There’s a crowd of available markets to bet on, though the overall two principal markets are tournaments and match . Such can be then sorted into diverse types of bets you may make.


Outright winner, bet on the winner of a specific tournament. Remember that on the basis of the size of the tournament, more markets can be available, like To Reach the Final, overall Player Progress, Quarter Winners


  • Match Odds: such are the odds of a specific match.
  • Set Betting: You may bet on the right score of a set.
  • Set Handicap: Handicap is something that decides which of the players is believed to have an advantage or even disadvantage. In this instance, a player gets a perk of sets.
  • Game Handicap: it is somewhat similar to the above thing, but the perk is applied to the entire game.
  • Total Games: Bet on the completion of games played during a match. This is really similar to over or under-betting in football (soccer), because the overall bookmaker sets the simple number of games they think will be played and betters decide if they should believe the number to be over or simply under that.
  • To win a set: Since set betting is quite popular, punters can even bet on who wins which type of set.
  • Number of Sets: it is absolutely possible to bet on the overall number of sets played.

There are even other kinds of tennis betting, but these are among the most common.


To sum up, you can make the most of  tennis live streaming and ensure that you have funds and earn well. The more you know about betting, the better you can perform.