Is It a Good idea to buy YouTube Views?

Is It a Good idea to buy YouTube Views?

If you want to start earning from youtube then it is essential to have a good number of views. When your video got a good number of views then more people attract to watch your video. For a beginner, it is hard to get lots of views for videos. They get offers to buy youtube views. Thus, the question that comes in the mind is, is it a good idea to buy Youtube Views? Yes, it is. But if you are still not clear, then let’s do some myths about if it is good to buy Youtube Views:

It is illegal to buy Youtube Views?

No. It is not illegal to buy Youtube views. You can note that there are a few tactics that are against Youtube’s terms of service but you need to not using bot views or tricking people to watch this video.

If you buy subscribers, your video will get deleted

No, it is wrong. Your video will not get deleted if you buy Youtube Views. If you buy views from cheap views providers, your views may drop sometime but it is not wrong to buy views. Youtube’s PPP tells that you cannot use any third-party sites to automatically generate subscribers or views. But if you are not a partner or you are not monetizing the videos you make, then you do not come under the radar of Youtube’s TOS. Make sure you are choosing a high-quality provider when you buy Youtube views. They should be verified sellers so that you do not have any ramifications later. Make sure that you are purchasing from a provider who doesn’t use view bots.

Your Account will get banned

Your account will not get banned if you are posting videos or that is not against the TOS of Youtube. Only if your content is illegal or doesn’t go well in the Youtube community, that your account is banned. Your account will not be banned if you simply purchase views. If Youtube ever bans accounts just because they buy Youtube views, then the rival team would buy views for the other account to get their account banned deliberately. 

Your View Count Will Get Stuck at 301

YouTube does this thing where it pauses the viewing count at the 301st view to check whether or not the video is original and is acquiring views organically. They will check for any kind of automated subscribers or fake views and then if they catch any viewer bot action, then they will take some measures. If you are purchasing Youtube views form quality providers, your views counter will never get stuck at 301. They can help you in not getting stuck at all. Thus, we cannot stress enough on this: get high-quality providers who are going to give you actual human views rather than resorting to artificial techniques.

Should You Buy YouTube Views? And Is it fine to buy Youtube Views?

Yes, it is fine to buy them. You can have a lot of reasons to buy Youtube views. One important one is to have social proof. So, a video you put o youtube gains a lot of success when there is enough social proof or how much engagement it has made. If there is a higher view count, people will wonder what the video is about that it got so popular, then they will end up clicking on it. So, in order to make people watch, Youtubers do purchase views.

What are some other reasons we can purchase Youtube Views?

You can gain a higher view count for your video, your video will go viral and this will help in getting organic views. Apart from that, it will boost the credibility of your Youtube channel and how good you are content creating. You will slowly get free Youtube subscribers organically. The other creators will now consider you as a competition.

Top YouTuber Influencers get youtube views organically

 No. A lot of people think that buying views is only done by budding Youtubers or new ones but that is not true. A lot of popular ones too purchase quality Youtube views. They do it for multiple reasons like kick starts, social proof or ranking. In fact, this is one of the most common strategies and people have benefitted from it.

Whatever views you purchase is fake. 

When you find some good quality service providers, you will have thousands of thoughts you wonder where you are buying fake views are real views. Well, always remember that when you are purchasing from quality providers, your views are never fake. You have paid someone to watch your video. Again, you may be deceived sometimes but the ultimate key to finding good, quality providers is to research their reputation and authenticity.


Thus, buying Youtube views is good and it is not a bad practice. It is an excellent way to boost the visibility of the content you make and to drive more organic videos. The key, however, is to choose a trusted provider who is known to delivering some great quality views. You need to bring this practice as an optimization strategy and this how you can slowly build something successful.