How to Teach New Words for Kids?

Teach New Words for Kids

Learning new words is an essential part of forming a sentence. It is a foundational skill for other key skills like reading and listening comprehension, writing, pronunciation, and spelling. Moreover, a solid vocabulary is an essential tool for the children to speak fluent English. You can start by teaching the little ones four-letter words in the initial stages of learning. Later, you can introduce them to complex and challenging words. Also, involve them in word-building games like bingo, alphabet puzzles, riddles, and many more. These activities help them learn new words and use them when they converse with their friends and family.

Besides, words for kids can be taught in different ways and modes. But, it is suggested that parents and teachers can use various games and fun educational activities to teach four letter words available at Osmo. Excellent vocabulary development starts right from a young age, and you can engage the kids in exciting words games. Word games are an excellent way to impart words. Sometimes, children find it challenging to complete a conversation, and this results in losing confidence. This is because the conversation would be interrupted because of missing words and phrases, lacking a strong vocabulary. Here is how to teach new words to kids.

Ways to Teach New Words for Kids

Little ones usually tend to forget the new words they have earned during class hours or at home. Hence, it is vital to introduce a new set of words for kids available at Osmo. You can take them for a morning or an evening stroll to the nearby streets and ask them to recognize the new words they learned recently, such as a leaf, kite, flowers, and many more. Below are different ways to introduce new words for kids. By following these simple tricks of teaching four-letter words for little learners, you can help them learn more words.


This is a classic and one of the best ways to teach new words to the little ones. This is a great method to improve a child’s vocabulary by reading together. In addition, you can choose some interesting topics and lessons to read with kids, like, topics on animals, birds, food, and many others. And encourage the children to ask questions while reading. Besides, reading with the little learners daily helps them learn and understand new words.


This is also a good way to teach kids new words. Firstly, help them how to find a word in the dictionary. Now, you can pick a random word and ask them to search in the dictionary and read its meaning aloud. Later, ask them to make a list of all the words they learned and revise. This can be played as a daily activity to aid them to learn more meaningful words. Once the kids have learned quite a few words, ask them to form a simple and meaningful sentence by referring to the dictionary.

Observe New Words:

This is an easy way to help kids notice new words by providing them with newspaper clippings, magazines, kid-friendly books, reading, or watching television. Motivate kids to write down the new words they come across. If they find it difficult to grasp the spelling, help them learn, and you can ask them to memorize it. Later, you can teach the kids the meaning of each new word they came across while watching TV or reading. This helps them understand and remember the words for a long time.

It is suggested that parents can make their houses print-rich by filling them with fun activities to play with words. You can provide them with storybooks or keep a magnetic alphabet on the refrigerator that is available online. Also, initiate a conversation with the little ones about the images that are printed in books or newspapers. Moreover, you can motivate them to write a grocery list or engage in word hunt games or make a menu for the week by adding their favorite foods. This is an exciting way to help them learn new words.

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