How To Plan Your Next Home Renovation Project In 5 Easy Steps

Home renovation projects take time and money. If they are not properly planned, they can become stressful and lead you to lose a lot of money. It is important that you plan home renovation projects wisely.


Not all Home Renovation projects are the same. They differ in the scale of renovation being attempted and the amount, which is being invested. For example, you might be looking to remodel just one room in your home. Or, you might be looking to remodel your entire home completely. Likewise, you would just want to remodel your bathroom or your kitchen. 

Even though home renovation projects are not the same, yet there is one thing, which is common to all- Planning. Most people who do not plan the entire process often end up feeling stressed. They also feel that the entire experience is too daunting and challenging. 

Once they complete, they start feeling that the entire thing was not worthwhile. This is a common complaint made by many families who have gone in for improperly planned projects. 

Why Planning is so important for any Home Renovation Project?

Many leading interior designers point out that many home renovation projects are decided in an impulsive manner. In other words, proper planning, budgeting, timelines are not thought about by the families. 

This creates unnecessary confusion and drains families financially. Often families go by what the contractor is telling them. They do not seek commitments and the project always end up going over budget. It also extends to months, creating an uninhabitable situation at home for long periods. 

Planning is essential for any home renovation project as it helps in structuring the same. It also allows you to be better prepared for unforeseen emergencies like additional costs, natural disasters, and others. If families want a peaceful and exciting experience from their home renovation, they should start planning early. 

5 Easy Steps to plan your next Home Renovation

  • Step 1- 

Create a Detailed Project Plan

Why are you looking to renovate in the first place should be the first question you should be asking in your project plan. You should follow it up with building proper blueprints, identifying the changes, compiling references, and looking at probable budgets. A Project Plan gives a direction to your home renovation in the best manner possible. 

  • Step 2- 

Research and Select the Best Contractors

 Once you are done with the Project Plan, the next step involves looking up contractors. This means carrying out offline and online research in an aggressive fashion. Looking at the experiences, past work references, ratings and prices are some things, which you need to take care of at this stage. The success of the renovation depends heavily on the contractor. 

  • Step 3- 

Create a Definite Timeline

Timelines are something, which you should be careful about for your home renovation. This is because timelines to get abused the most, probably only to budgets. You need to sit down with the contractor and make them commit to definite timelines. This should include holidays, extra days, product shipping days, and other variables affecting time. 

  • Step 4- 

Decide on your Alternative Setup

Many families do not take this step into account at all. You need to understand that any home renovation or bathroom remodel Houston is going to take time, create disturbances and affect normal living. You might think that the ‘one room at a time’ experience can work, however, you might feel the need to shift to an Air BnB later. This is something you have to decide early. 

  • Step 5- 

Testing and Consent

Once the entire project is complete and the contractor is done, you need to test everything. This involves looking at all the fittings, electrical, flooring, and other aspects of the house. Once the contractor gets his payments, he is very unlikely to come back and address your concerns. This is why withholding payments at least for a week works the best. 

The Final Word

If you are willing to plan your home renovation according to the above five steps, you will eliminate a major chunk of the problems Can you think there are some other steps, which can be added to the article? Drop your answers in the comments section below.