How to Pet-Proof Your Plumbing


Quality plumbing provides your home with an adequate supply of clean water for everyday use. When issues in the system occur, it could mess up your daily household operations. A lot of household chores will be left undone, including the essential indoor cleaning work. If you want your plumbing system to stay in top condition, be sure to provide the proper care and attention it needs. Watch out for factors that could affect your home’s plumbing condition. 

One way to protect your plumbing fixtures from damage is to pet-proof them. Your pet cats and dogs can go wild and start wreaking havoc on your plumbing system, especially when left alone at home. Here are the 5 easy tips to pet-proofing your plumbing.

Conceal your exposed plumbing. 

Dogs can start biting on exposed pipes in the wall or floor, which can either lead to an emergency trip to the vet, a costly plumbing repair, or both. To conceal exposed plumbing, try arranging your furniture around it, so your pets won’t be able to notice it. You can also use coverings like plastic, wood, and rope to protect plumbing pipes from curious pets. 

Use drain stoppers for blocking animal hair.

A lot of hair can come off during your dog’s bath time, which may cause a clogged drain. To prevent this type of plumbing problem, be sure to use a drain stopper. This will filter and stop your dog’s hair from going down the pipes. As much as possible, bring your pets outside when cleaning or bathing them. 

Don’t forget to cover up the floor drains. 

Open floor drains are dangerous to both kids and pets. Not only will it cause accidents, but it is also very unsanitary to keep floor drains open inside your home. When smaller pets like kittens, puppies, and hamsters fall into these drains, it may require you to break down the structure to get the pets out. 

Avoid flushing cat litter in the toilet.

Break the habit of flushing just any material down the toilet, including cat litter. Otherwise, you will be putting your toilet at the risk of being clogged. Cat litter can build-up down the pipes and damage your plumbing. So, even if that bag of kitty litter says it is flushable, take a safer route and dispose of it properly outside. 

Watch where your dogs dig outside.

Dogs love to dig; it is a natural behavior for them. However, you can’t ignore the fact that when the digging gets deep enough, it could affect your buried water line. Make sure to look out for your dogs when they are playing outside. To prevent your dogs from digging plumbing lines, let your plumber teach you of the plumbing locations outside.  

If your dog’s digging has already caused damage to your sewer line, get it fixed right away by calling a pro. Getting an early sewer line repair will prevent the problem from escalating and affect nearby plumbing components. 

Get help from a licensed plumber

Pets are considered family, and it would hurt to give them away because of the continuous damage they are causing at home. Well, you don’t really have to do that. If you are having a hard time protecting your home’s plumbing from pet damage, don’t hesitate to consult a licensed and skilled plumber. A plumbing professional can best ensure your plumbing’s safety regardless of their location in your property. 

Trust any pet-related plumbing issues you are experiencing in your home today to a reputable plumbing company. All you need is make a call, and a professional team will be sent your way. What are you waiting for? Book a service now!