How to Advance My Career; Get Security+ Certified

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There is no shortage of certification for people looking to pursue a career in cybersecurity; there are so many of them that it can be difficult for anyone to find a place to start. One of the most famous and popular accreditations is the CompTIA Security + certificate. To be useful, a certificate must validate the desired skills. It is an area where Security + has a lot to offer. The cybersecurity market is large, and the growth is impressive. The market is expected to reach 170 billion by 2022, reaching a 10% annual growth rate over the forecast period.

The CompTIA Security+ certification is the leading analysis of IT accessibility for those who want to break into the exciting field of cybersecurity. This course corresponds to 6 areas that meet the objectives of the SY0-501 exam.  If you are seriously considering a cyber-security career, CompTIA Security + certification is an important step towards professional success. Learn certification skills, from analyzing and mitigating infrastructure risks and security to solving security problems.

  • Learn basic computer security concepts and best practices.
  • Be aware of security threats and learn how to protect yourself from them.

CompTIA Security + Is Popular With Security Professionals

All IT sites contain a variety of job titles, such as legal hackers, attack testers, and cybersecurity analyzers, and many new ones are created regularly. The purpose of these attacks is to access, destroy or alter sensitive information, disrupt normal business processes, or deceive consumers. Past researches also said about 72.1% of companies believe they don’t have network security experts – the main target of a hacker; cyber-attacks. It means that there is a great demand for security professionals in the IT field today.

Advance Your Career; Obtain a Security+ Certificate

Here are the reasons why you should get CompTIA Secuirty+ training to advance your career:

Get Paid

A CompTIA Security + certified professional can expect the average network engineer to be between $ 42,128 and $ 95,829. Recognition along with experience will determine your salary. In five years, you can earn about $ 66,887 a year.

There Is a Great Demand for Your Services

All the same, public, as well as private organizations, are looking for CompTIA Security + experts to manage the network and network security tasks.  

No Prerequisites or Experience Are Required

Unlike many other network security certificates, Security + has no requirements or experience. CompTIA recommends that applicants have approximately two years of network experience and security to increase their ability to recruit and complete certifications faster. On the other side of the coin, CompTIA Security + certification is an IT analysis that allows you to continuously update and improve your computer skills.

Ideal for Administration Work

However, the certificate is also in line with the Department of Defense, which is a reference standard used to refer to different levels of information technology work for employees and government employees. The CompTIA Security + certificate of the Ministry of Defense meets the standard required for the technical position of the first and second level.

Education Providers Are Focused On Your Success

All the same, CompTIA Security + Bootcamp includes diplomas, special training for cybercrime, lunch, snacks, drinks and Internet opportunities, and digital content. The program is offered in-person and online to meet the requirements of demanding schedules.

Certain Jobs Require Security +

One of the main questions you can ask yourself is whether Security + certification is a requirement for the jobs required. One thing to keep in mind is the difference between a claim and a fee. However, not all jobs are needed if you have Security + if you do not agree to the federal government. The Department of Defense regulation requires that all employees (full-time or part-time) who have access to inside information must be certified by the U.S. National Standards Institute. 

On the other hand, in some cases, CompTIA Security + is required. If you ever want to work in government, you could get rid of it. Otherwise, you will not have to be in operation – despite your experience. In most cases, the experience carries a little more weight; it is not one of them. You must meet certain certification requirements. If you’re not looking for a job in government, that’s probably not a requirement. In the private sector, Security + is mostly a career advancement, not an absolute requirement.

The Average Salary

According to Pay-Scale, the national average salary is about $ 50,550. Compare that to the average for Security + CompTIA certifications. These people earn an average of $ 73,450 a year. That’s an average of more than $ 20,550. Sounds good, but these numbers are a big hit. People have different backgrounds, confirmations, and experiences. However, if you have Security +, it doesn’t automatically earn you $ 73,450. Even though, with Security + the range is very wide. Salaries range from $ 46,000 to $ 116,000. This is since IT professionals with a variety of experience, education, and roles are certified.

At the first meeting, a young professional usually earns much less than a boss, but both can have the same certificate. Security itself is not a change in your work history and is automatically suitable for any job. But, on the other hand,  it gives you a better-negotiating chip and allows you to sell better. Reasonable expectations and the context of what Security + means at this point in the process should be kept in mind here. For the right person Security + significantly strengthens the use of information security. 


It is concluded that CompTIA Security + certification is your path to a network security career. If you’re a newcomer to this field, this is a good idea. On the other side, it is believed that there are many benefits and opportunities to practice accreditation. You must, of course, go through the testing process before you can be certified.