Guide for Patients Visiting India for the First Time: Benefits of Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

According to a study, India’s medical tourism market is growing at a CAGR of 18%. The reason for this is because of an increased demand globally for quality healthcare service at an affordable cost. 

One of the main factors that have influenced the growth of medical tourism in India in the development and implementation of the latest medical infrastructure and technology. 

Another factor is the absence of a communication barrier. English being one of the official languages of India, most medical professionals are proficient in the same.

Besides the above-mentioned factors, there are other benefits of medical tourism in India

Benefits of medical tourism

There are several benefits that medical tourism in India offers. A doctor’s guide on medical tourism can explain the benefits of the same in even more detail.

Cost-effective medical treatment

The cost of availing medical treatment in India is significantly lower than that in the west. India’s healthcare facilities offer quality treatment via skilled and experienced medical professionals at an affordable cost. 

Furthermore, most hospitals and nursing homes in India have excellent infrastructure, which results in reduced cost of procedures and treatment. 

Additionally, one can go for complex surgeries and treatments such as stem cell surgery, hip replacement surgery that are not approved in several countries. Such surgeries and treatments are offered in India by highly skilled surgeons and medical specialists at a considerably lesser cost.

Implementation of advanced technology in medical care

Most medical facilities in India take the help of state of the art technology to provide their patients with the best treatment plan available. 

Hospitals are utilizing technology such as electronic health records, telemedicine, mHealth, etc. This has resulted in quick and efficient diagnostic and treatment for foreign patients. 

In India, merging technology with healthcare has set course to quicker medical care and reduced the waiting time. Consequently, doctors in India need to shortlist the best EHR software for their clinic to streamline their diagnosis process.

Quality post-treatment care

Hospitals and nursing homes in India offer customized post-treatment care to patients. Highly skilled doctors and experienced nurses are available to re-establish the patient’s health after surgery. It results in enhanced recovery and reduces the chances of readmission.

Besides, most medical facilities employ translators to aid people from foreign countries who do not speak in English, to communicate in their own tongue.

Hassle-free medical visas

The Indian Government offers hassle-free visas at an affordable cost to individuals who wish to seek medical treatment. Visas are approved within a short period, and critical patients are offered priority. 

Moreover, traveling to India has become more efficient due to better connectivity through railways and airways.

Other alternative methods of treatment

Several wellness centers are available throughout the country offering such treatments. Individuals should check that their chosen healthcare center follows the Accreditation Standards for Wellness Centres framed by the National Board for Accreditation of Hospitals and Healthcare Services (NABH). 

Consequently, healthcare providers in India can tap into this growing market for medical tourism in India. To do this, they have to implement the right technology and offer quality healthcare facilities. 

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