Explore Spain through These Captivating Movies

Explore Spain

Coronavirus may have subsided in parts of the world, but it’s still far from over. For the next year or two, people and governments are sure to practice restraint when it comes to traveling and tourism. Your vacation plans thus are going to be in flux. If you were planning on visiting Spain to see the rich culture and heritage it promises, make sure to watch these movies. As they entertain you, they will also prepare you for your visit so that when restrictions are eased you know exactly where you want to go!

Land and Freedom 

Set in 1937 at the height of the Spanish Civil War, the story of Land and Freedom revolves around David Carr, a former British Communist Party member who is headed towards Catalonia to fight troops against the Franco regime. Sure, there’s war in the film, but with Ken Loach, at the helm, this movie is sure to make you laugh. The optimism that shines through will also ensure you end up having a good time with it all. What’s more, you get to see the Aragorn region, especially the medieval city of Mirambel. The picturesque spot will have you booking your flight to Spain ASAP!

Sexy Beast (2000) 

Who doesn’t love a good heist? It’s sure to get your heart racing, wondering if your heroes will make it out or not. 

Gal is a retired bank robber living the good life in a villa in Spain with millions of dollars in his account to use as he pleases. He’s over it all and looking for a quiet life now. Too bad his reputation precedes him and crime boss Don Logan has his eyes set on him. Logan wants Gal to return to his robbing ways and use his knowledge of cracking safes for his benefit. It doesn’t seem like Gal will be able to weasel his way out of this one. So, what will he do? You’ll only know if you watch it. And, let us tell you it makes for great sightseeing. The Almerian fishing village is a sight to behold with clear waters and warm sandy beaches which you will surely enjoy. 

Fast & Furious 6 (2013)

Since we are discussing bank robberies and heists already anyway, we’d recommend you include Fast & Furious 6 on your list as well. The sixth installment from the franchise takes you on an adventure.

Don and Brian have retired after the heist in Brazil and are living a luxurious life. The only downside though is that it is not in the USA, at home, so when Diplomatic Security Service asks that they help them capture a bad guy the two take them up on the deal. This movie will take you to London and to some beautiful locations in Spain. The Tenerife and Gran Canaria islands will leave you spellbound that’s for sure!

Morvern Callar (2002) 

Morvern Callar is a young woman living in Scotland who wakes up one day to find her boyfriend has taken his life. Sounds grim? Well, it’s not. Caller is less interested in his death and more in his unpublished novel which she decides to sell as her own. And where does she go to find buyers and publishers? Spain, of course! This romcom takes you through to beautiful views of Almeria which is sure to trigger your wanderlust and have you itching to take the next flight there.

The Way (2010)

One call changes Martin Sheen’s life, devastating him to no end. A French Policeman calls him to inform him that his globetrotting son has passed away while walking The Way for St James or Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage route from the Pyrenees mountains in France to Spain’s Santiago de Compostela. Adamant to complete his son’s trip, he takes his son ashes with him and sets out. Walking this route is an experience you don’t want to miss. 

Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)

Finding your partner in a land so beautiful, that’s got to make a great storyline and that is exactly what you’ll find in this film. Vicky and Cristina are visiting Barcelona to spend their summer there with a friend. And, they have just that albeit with a little adventure and romance. Who can resist a sensual, seductive painter after all?

Final Words

There you go, with these movies you’ll be able to see all that Spain has to offer: the country life and city life. With so much to choose from, whatever your preferences you’ll find something here for sure. Whether its romance or comedy or action, you’ll find it all happening in the beautiful country of Spain. All you need now is a good cable plan like Wow cable to take care of your entertainment needs. With their great lineup, you’ll have access to all the films you could ever want!