Blogging and SEO – Focus on People, Not Google

Blogging and SEO

Do you write many blog posts? Are your blogs not getting ranking at top position due to some known and unknown reasons? Are your posts are not getting good traffic? 

Then you might be wondering why it is and how to fix it. People think that cranking tons of quantity is essential for doing well. But, blogging is no longer a quantity game. A few years ago only 30-40 million blogs were available but now over a billion blogs exist on the web which is around 7 blogs per people and most of the blogs are just useless. Let’s discuss the factors to be considered while writing an effective blog and improving the SEO ranking.

Understand the requirement of audiences

Find out what people are searching for. Once you get the most demanding keywords phrase go to Google and search for one of those keywords. Read all the top ten articles, reading all articles build your understanding of what Google is looking for and how to write a much better article.

Use guest posting service

A great content that serves the purpose of the audience is the key to generate more traffic. But the problem is it takes too long to write a good piece of writing. You can solve the problem by using a guest posting service. The paid service provider writes high-quality content for you and creates a backlink in top sites of your niche. Though it is a bit expensive method but ensures the long term success in less time.

Those who want to write themselves they should take time to write the first few articles. Investing time in writing makes you understand your writing style. Over a while, the idea about what user likes and what they don’t like would be clear to you and then you can start giving a proper structure of your article. As a blogger, Writing a better article doesn’t mean double or triple the length of content

Do not compromise with the quality

Writing a better article doesn’t mean double or triple the length of content. Yes, it should be longer and more in-depth because it is all about the depth of information. The article must cover all aspects of the topic. For example, you are writing a recipe blog. Do you provide the various method of preparing the same dish? Did you discuss how to manage if an ingredient is missing? Did you tell how the temperature can affect the taste and texture of food? Explain everything in detail so that a learner can immediately implement it. All these uses are very specific and when someone reads your content they will get so much value out of it. That’s the key to creating amazing content and gets traffic. Hence, it is not about creating a quantity of content; it is all about creating quality.

Build a relationship with other bloggers

Send an email to all other sites you are linking to. Inform and appreciate their work, send a proposal to them for linking your article. There is a good probability that they will share that article on the web. This approach of yours will help the users to connect with all relevant sources related to your particular niche. By following the above procedure you will start only writing that is high in demand and that ranks. You would stop writing those articles which get no output and which is a huge waste of time. There are many companies that provide Seo Services Brampton.

Develop your writing style

What structure is going to follow by you must be clear in your mind. You should have some set of your own blog rules. How many pictures should be included in each blog post? A picture can tell thousands of words and people like to see pictures over reading. Include the suitable pictures for your blog post. What style you are going to follow. It can be a magazine-style or an essay style or can be a mixture of both. 

Blog posts must be interactive and engaging. Introduction, body, and conclusion are the basic followed format of writing posts. Align your post accordingly and keep the language as simple as possible. Very complicated posts distract the reader and they immediately switch to your competitor’s website which will hurt your SEO ranking.


Identifying the most demanding keywords is the key point to start blog writing. Once you had done you need to create a high-quality post. If you don’t have enough experience and time go for guest posting service to create a high-quality post. The SEO experts will create great content and do manual blogger outreach to get a backlink for your website. But if you prefer to write yourself build your writing style and stick to that style. Create an interesting, useful, interactive and user-friendly piece of writing. Your willingness to create better content will take you to the height of success.