Best adjustable weight bench for tall people

adjustable weight bench


With covid on the rise, working out at home is a better option. People who are taller or bulkier are more prone to damage their spine and knee than others. A table or bench is your honest companion that withstands anything you do on it at the gym. Imagine how difficult it would be to work out if your legs are longer than your bench during exercise. Choosing an apt exercise bench for a workout will help you reach workout goals easily and fast. When you are tall and heavy, finding out the best workout bench for you is a Herculean task.

Most of the workout benches are suitable for people with an average height. Using the same for taller people is like risking your body health for normal ones. When tall people buy the same weight bench, they have their knees on the top of hips, and it is dangerous. An adjustable exercise bench for tall and bulky people would be an excellent choice for such people. 

Best Adjustable weight bench for tall person:

  • Marcy Competitor Adjustable Olympic weight bench: These Olympic benches are taller and wider than usual exercise benches. It helps taller people to relax their body parts conveniently on the exercise benches. It is suitable for people up to 600 pounds and comes with barbells of 6 or 7 feet. They have flexible backrests for settling your back while doing a workout. You can recline on this bench in 5 different positions and can do chest pressing exercises without giving stress to your heart. The best feature is the rolling legs that make it comfortable for a tall person to rest his legs and do leg curling exercises comfortably. There is a minimum of 20 inches height from the floor, making it suitable for tall people. 
  • Ironmaster super bench: This Ironmaster super bench helps you to do various dumbbell chest exercises and weight training exercises like overhead presses. Unusually tall people can comfortably exercise as this machine is 44 inches long. The one astounding thing about this exercise machine is that it supports weights up to 1000 pounds! It gives the flexibility of 11 angle adjustments to try out heavy or light exercise. The main feature of this workout bench is that it has a durable outer frame, and it comes with a warranty of 10 years. Because of its excellent features, it is a bit costly compared to other workout benches available in the market.
  • Body-Solid GFID71: With 68x28x19 inches dimension, Body solid GFID 71 is an adjustable bench appropriate for tall and well-built people. This model is comfortable for your shoulders while doing a workout because you can adjust the angle of inclination to 30 degrees. The leg roller pads make this exercise bench attractive as it facilitates the users to do the workout without exerting pressure on knees even at a decline angle. 

What features to check while buying an adjustable bench for tall people?

  • Exercise bench height: Check for the distance from the ground to the exercise bench. When the distance from the ground is above 40 inches, it makes it comfortable for taller people to rest their legs. While resting on the exercise bench, if you can feel your upper legs is parallel to your neck angle, the bench height is appropriate for tall people. 
  • Exercise Bench length: The length of the bench should support your head and body perfectly. When the exercise bench is less than 44 inches, your head tends to hang out from the table. It is very dangerous for your body as it creates a damaging impact on your head.

Final say: Gym trainers have to stock exercise equipment for tall people as normal ones tend to harm their bodies. People have a different torso, neck sizes. Having an adjustable exercise bench would help such people to workout comfortably. Adjustable seats, along with adjustable leg pads would be an ideal choice for tall people. These features assist the users to adjust the exercise bench according to their needs.

 Since taller people have longer torsos, the backrests of these benches should be taller than the other models. These exercise benches help you to work out in both inclines as well as in decline positions and achieve your fitness goal easier.