Handy Discusses Significant Architectural Factors to Consider When Buying a Home

Factors to Consider When Buying a Home


Buying a house is like giving your dreams the status of reality. It is everyone’s dream to get their personal space and feel the exhilaration and peace of having its own. There are many factors to consider while looking to buy a property. Since it is going to be a huge investment, it should be a careful and meticulous search for the best. Handy lists a few architectural features to consider when buying a home.

The Factors

1. The orientation of the property- Sunlight in the living areas is an important feature to consider while buying a house. Proper orientation of the property, so that it is lighted well is an integral requirement. A property with a rear yard to the north of the property offers the potential to place the living area to the rear of the home. It enables you to enjoy winter sunlight that streams through your living space and keeps the sunlight out throughout the summer.

2. Ventilation- An adequately ventilated house provides comfort to the residents and also keeps allergic illnesses at bay. It also reduces the usage of air conditioners which in turn is healthier and cost-efficient. The house should have strategic placement of windows for cross-ventilation. In case there is any external noise source like traffic that would prevent the window on that side to be used, then it should be considered before the purchase of the property.

3. The existing character of the property– While buying an older home, there are various factors to take note of. The bathroom and kitchen location are difficult and expensive to alter and should be a matter to pay attention to. A high ceiling gives the house a more airy feel and makes it appear larger too. The character and integrity of the structure should be judged with pragmatism before agreeing to make a purchase.

4. The site and the neighborhood– The site of the house makes a huge difference when you come home to it every day. Is it on a hill or does it have a lot of stairs to climb? Does it have a view and is the yard suitable for pets and kids? Does the neighborhood meet your expectations with regards to cleanliness and space? Do the nearby buildings block the access of direct sunlight to the house you are considering to buy? Keep these in mind before coming to a final conclusion.

5. The age of the property- If the house is relatively new you can rest assured of making no immediate renovations. On the other hand, an old structure could prove expensive in the long run as it will require more money towards its maintenance. If you need to pull down most of its characters like windows and flooring, then add them to your cost before taking the plunge.


Your house should be an extension of your personality and you should plan carefully to not regret your decision later on. Handy feels that these architectural factors are important points to consider so that your home is just as you would like it to be, beautiful and strong.