5 Steps To A Successful Social Media Video Marketing Strategy

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According to data, in a small period between 2013 and 2018, the average time spent on social media increased by 30%. However, this is nothing as compared to the increase of social media in the six months of the pandemic. 

With over five billion active users and ten or more social media platforms, brands are turning like never before. For most brands, social media is their only model of marketing and advertising. This is especially true of the millions of small brands that are looking to make the most out of the digital performance. 

In this article, we are going to look at one critical aspect of improving social media performance- video marketing. However, rather than look at all aspects, we will focus specifically on listing the steps for a successful social media video marketing strategy. 

Why Videos are important for Social Media Performance?

Brands who work with a credible video production Tampa recognize that high-quality assets are the only way for increasing organic reach. Good brands do not want to keep spending on sponsored ads. They rather want to have great organic reach by producing high-quality videos.

According to insiders at Facebook and Instagram, the algorithms of social platforms prioritize forms of content, which are most loved by audiences. Psychologists have shown that human beings love consuming video content more than images, albums, GIFs, etc. 

When it comes to improving social media performance, brands prioritize algorithms. This is why they spend and invest extra to create quality content to boost digital performance. Social media videos also make it possible for small brands to compete with the bigger brands. 

5 Steps to a Successful Social Media Video Marketing Strategy

1. Defining your KPIs- 

Brands need to understand that they will not be able to gain success from video marketing on social media if they do not decide on the goals first. This is why it is essential what you would want your social media strategy to achieve. Are you looking for sales or revenues, or looking for followers or engagement, decide on what you want to prioritize. 

2. Deciding on the Platforms-

Unless you are a Chanel or a Samsung, you would not want to stretch your resources on ten different platforms. Newer platforms like Tik Tok and Snapchat are emerging as important for brands as they continue to sign new members by the millions. YouTube continues to be a favorite for all brands and is an active part of any social media strategy. 

3. Selecting Video Types- 

Just like brands need to choose social media platforms, they also have to choose different video types. For example, there are different kinds of videos- webinars, live streaming, Q and A’s, product reviews, comparisons, animation, real shooting, etc. You need to go for a strategy, which you think will be able to help your brand the best. 

4. Using Metrics for measuring ROIs- 

The best part about videos is that your performances can be measured for every video content you post. This means that strategy correction can be done faster. Brands use social media metrics to understand what is working on social platforms and what is not. Metrics help brands make informed decisions and prevent wastages from happening. 

5. SMM Management-

Finally, after the videos are made and all the technical optimizations are done it is time to use SMM tools for scheduling and posting work. You can also use SMM tools for optimizing promotional advertisements. Manual account management should be avoided as it ends up taking a lot of time and tools allow us a number of other benefits. 

The Final Word

It is important to understand that video marketing on social media will not help you become successful in one day. However, if you have the right strategy in place, you will be able to optimize your social media video marketing.