5 Key Tips To Keep In Mind When Buying A Used Bike

Buying A Used Bike

A bike is more than just a means of transport. We spend days, or perhaps weeks, scouting for the perfect model that is high on performance and a head-turner on the road.  And, we want all of this and more within a price that suits our pocket.

Now, buying a second-hand bike might help you save a lot on the cost of affording a two-wheeler. Yet, you also need to ensure you get value for the price you pay. In order to guide you in the right direction, we have listed out 5 key tips to keep in mind when buying a used bike. 

1. Research the make and model

Before buying a used bike, make sure to do a bit of research about the make and model you are considering. Check whether this particular model was known for any major flaws. Read up reviews by other bike owners who own the same model you want to buy. This research might take a bit of time but, it will be hours well-invested.  

2. Get the vehicle inspected

Before buying a bike, always get the vehicle inspected by a professional who understands two-wheelers. They may be able to catch a thing or two that you missed. Also ask the previous owner to furnish you with the vehicle’s maintenance records.  

 3. Secure your vehicle with bike insurance

Having a basic bike insurance policy is mandatory by law in India. You may choose to have the bike insurance transferred from the previous owner to your name. Or, you can purchase new coverage from an insurance provider of your choice. Either way, make sure to looking into getting insurance coverage as soon as you decide on the bike you like. 

4. Request the NCB certificate

If you have owned a vehicle previously and not made any claims, your present bike insurance company should furnish you with an NCB certificate. NCB stands for ‘no claims bonus’ and is the reward you receive from the insurer for every claim-free year. Many people are not aware that they can actually carry over this benefit when changing insurance providers. So, make sure you claim this bonus when buying insurance for your next bike. 

5. Opt in for add-ons in insurance

Remember that even comprehensive bike insurance does come with its own set of limitations. Do make sure to opt in for add-ons to compensate for any of these gaps in your coverage. Some add-ons that are recommended for used bikes are engine protection cover, consumables cover, and roadside assistance. Speak to your insurance provider for a detailed list of the add-ons they can offer you. 

These are some of the major points to keep in mind when buying a used bike. Do remember that proper research is the key to doing anything successfully -whether it is buying your two-wheeler or finding the right bike insurance policy. We hope this article proves helpful to you. Take care and ride safely!