4 Significant Uses of a Voice Assistant

Voice Assistant

Voice assistants or virtual assistants are powerful hand-free tools that keep introducing new abilities every other week. So why is it that we don’t use them as often? The problem lies in the fact that we’re clueless about what to do with them.

Even though voice assistants have been around for quite some time now, they’re still new and many of us are still considering if it’s worth adding it into our lives. Voice assistants are artificial intelligence (AI) based digital assistants.

In other words, they’re connected to the web that gives it the ability to listen to your commands, interpret them, and finally be able to take action. Voice assistants such as the Google Nest Hub Audio Out can answer your questions, communicate with apps, and even turn on your lights.

Most of you are aware of how voice-activated assistants are in-built into your smartphones, but smart speakers are increasingly becoming the more common platform to use and experiment with virtual assistants.

For instance, the Google voice assistant is used via Google phones and Google Home, while the Amazon Alexa voice assistant is used on Echo. Depending on your smart device, you’re likely to have access to at least one or more voice assistants.

Are you one of those people who have a smart speaker at home but barely use it? Or perhaps you have a seldom-used assistant on your smartphone? Below, we’ve shared the top four ways to use your voice assistant tool to make your life a little more convenient, and definitely much more fun!

Play Music

Are you someone who loves music? Well lucky for you, your voice assistant can act as a personal DJ that provides you instant access to almost every piece of music you want to hear at that moment.

The Amazon voice assistant Alexa, the Google Home voice assistant, and Apple’s Siri can all play music natively. All you need to say is their wake-up word, and the song title you want to hear, as in “Alexa, play “My Heart Will Go On.”

In fact, you can pair them with your smart speakers and fill the house with a theater-like music system. You can further pair your smartphone with your smart speaker through Bluetooth and simply have all your favorite hits played via YouTube or Spotify.

Moreover, you can also choose to play a song again by saying “Repeat.” Another fun thing you can do with your voice assistant is by adding a song to your workout playlist.

Create a Smart Home or Office

Many of us think that the smart home concept is something for rich people, just like it’s usually shown in sci-fi movies. The reality, however, is so much more exciting because anyone who has a voice assistant on their smartphone or smart speakers can easily be a part of the smart home game, with only a $10 smart plug.

With a bigger investment into smart home devices, voice-activated assistants can control your lights, control the thermostat, control your door lock, and many other things. Did you forget to shut your garage door again? You can pair your voice assistant with your smart garage door lock and control it from anywhere around the world.

Your voice assistant smart speakers can also control your hem security system. You can simply ask it to view a live feed of your home. The best part about smart devices benign integrated with voice assistants is that you can easily manage and control things within your home even when you’re not around.

Keep a Shopping List

Who could’ve imagined that shopping lists were such a hassle? However, once you start relying on your voice-activated home assistant, you’ll never have to muddle through with pen and paper, as these smart devices will manage it all for you.

Maybe you’re running low on your milk supply? Simply say, “Google, add milk to my shopping list.” And just like that, you won’t forget that you need to get milk because when you go grocery shopping, you can simply open your smartphone and see your shopping list.

Moreover, anyone at home can also add last-minute grocery items without needing to call or text you. Because you can view your shopping list on your Google Home app, and also swipe right over the products once you’ve put them into your cart.

Manage Productivity and Timers

Want to be more productive in your home and kitchen? Another amazing ability that voice assistants have is helping you set multiple timers. For instance, when you’re prepping a meal, you get out a timer on your oven, so that once your dish is baked, you get an instant notification. 

Then you can manage other tasks during that period of time, and our voice assistant will inform you by name when each time is up. You can also choose to set an alarm for your early morning or daytime naps.

Furthermore, the voice-activated assistants also make amazing secretaries. You can have your voice assistant schedule your doctor’s appointment, and it will add it to your calendar so that you never have to miss another appointment.

In Summary

Voice assistants are there to make your life easier, and also add joy to it by helping you experiment with new things every other day! We hope you try these above-mentioned things and also share your reviews.