Month: November 2019

modern data infrastructure

Spruik: One step solution for your smart modern data infrastructure

In the wake of today‚Äôs events, manufacturing technology is evolving. Smart Manufacturing is as much about people as it is about technology. It is perhaps that it may start as technology discussion but there are so many issues here that can become part of the dialog. The digital transformation stems from the issues which are […]

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sleep apnea

Why You Should Have Your Sleep Test at Home

If you are someone who takes more than 30 minutes to doze off, or if you wake up a lot during the night time, or if you constantly feel exhausted during the day, despite spending nine hours in bed, then there are all possibilities for you to suffer a distinct sleep disorder. The nature of […]

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Comfortable Accommodation
Home Improvement

Get Comfortable Accommodation

You have received a mail from your boss where you have been told to locate a new city. Moving to a new place is painstaking. You will have to look for a comfy and secure accommodation which will be affordable for your wallet. Staying in PG rooms would be good, but you need to research […]

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luxury girls hostel
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Amenities and facilities available at some of the luxury girls hostel

Pune is one of the busiest and the buzzing city of Maharashtra in India. It witnesses thousands of girls moving in and out of the city each day in search of a job, education, and career. It is also one of the safest cities in India and offers a number of accommodation options for girls […]

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