Month: October 2019

fixed deposit interest rates

Best Fixed deposit (fd) plan for senior citizens in india

Fixed deposits have long been the favored investment instrument among Indians. This is because of the capital protection they provide. This is especially good for senior citizens who have a low-risk appetite. Still, you have to choose between the many competing offers from various banks and NBFCs to select the best-fixed deposit plan for senior […]

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Sealing Concrete Floors
Home Improvement

Sealing Concrete Floors And Why It’s Important?

Who does not like to decorate the surroundings of a home? Just like you deck up the interior of your house with attractive furniture pieces and exquisite home decor items, in the same way, you must be wanting to ameliorate the driveways, porches, and sidewalks of your home with concrete floors. Goes without saying, the […]

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Blogging and SEO

Blogging and SEO – Focus on People, Not Google

Do you write many blog posts? Are your blogs not getting ranking at top position due to some known and unknown reasons? Are your posts are not getting good traffic?  Then you might be wondering why it is and how to fix it. People think that cranking tons of quantity is essential for doing well. […]

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