What is the login process of Bank of Baroda?

Bank of Baroda

RBI and the Indian government has introduced Kiosk banking for providing banking services benefits to rural area people or people who are living in villages.  In kiosk banking, you do not have to visit the bank for making deposits, withdrawals and other financial services. In other words, we can say with kiosk banking the bank comes to your place with all its exclusive features. 

Kiosk banking is an important step taken towards financial incorporation. The financial incorporation means allowing the weaker sections of the society to approach to any financial services and account for the credit at a low cost. 

The Kiosks are simply a set-up enriched with internet service in the remote areas to offer all the basic services of a bank. Here you can open your bank account by providing necessary documents. 

All these documents of the customer send to the branch of the bank for processing. Once the processing is done and the account is created the customer can withdraw or deposit money through the internet-processed kiosk branch through the feature of boi CSP

Login Process of Bank of Baroda

  • Bank of Baroda has made an enterprise to give hassle-free and easy banking services to the customer. Bank of Baroda has begun an inventive Self-Service Kiosk called Account opening kiosk with debit card dispensing kiosk (AOK & DCDK) on Bank’s foundation day 20th July 2016.
  • Account Opening Kiosk facilitates instant account opening and issuance of Non-personalized debit cards to customers. The Kiosk allows the account opening process as per the Bank’s accepted norms application format. Banking Kiosk also provides a self-service option to the customer for an opening account instantly & can get the non-personalized debit card instantly with the Green PIN facility.

The Login process in Details

To log in for Bank Kiosk you need to go through the below process: 

  • To open an account through this Kiosk, the customer needs to provide Aadhaar number and Biometric or PAN number before initiating bob kiosk login. A photograph will be captured through the Kiosk
  • A signature will be captured through the signature pad.
  • After taking the complete information, the information usually sends to Bank’s CBS system and the account is opened instantly.
  • Then you should proceed to obtain the debit card which is a non-personalized card from the Debit card issuing kiosk through boi CSP in Bihar.
  • The Debit card issuing Kiosk is attached with the AOK and not a separate unit and can issue up to 3 variants of a debit card – VISA, Mastercard and Rupay.
  • After the debit card is dispensed, you can set his own choice of a PIN for this debit by Green PIN option available on any Bank of Baroda ATMs.
  • The kiosk is unified with NSDL (PAN Verification) and UIDAI (e-KYC).
  • The Kiosk uses a standardized industrial-grade PC with a touch display (18.5-inch LED) for 24 X 7 operations. The picture of AOK with a description of parts is enclosed.

Bottom Line

Bank Kiosk is very helpful, especially for rural area people. Just you have to log in for kiosk and get avail with all Banking services. 

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